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What is provident fund?

When is PF applicable to company?

Provident Fund calculation

How is PF challan calculated?

PF Contribution sheet

Important facts about PF

Pension Fund

Benefits of Pension Fund

Calculation of Pension

Voluntary Provident Fund

Employee Depositary Linked Benefits

Action Plan on provident fund

What is ESIC ?

ESIC contribution rate

How to apply for ESIC code?

Contribution and Benefit Period

Half Yearly Returns

Benefits under ESIC

Action plan on ESIC

What is profession tax?

Who pays /do not pay profession tax?

Important facts about profession tax

Penalty under profession tax

PT Slab for Maharashtra

PT Slab- Rest of India

Action plan on Profession Tax

What is MLWF act?

Which companies comes under this act?

Contribution under MLWF Act

Payment due date

Action plan on MLWF

What is gratuity?

Eligibility under gratuity act

Gratuity Calculation

Important facts about gratuity

Disqualification under gratuity act

How to claim gratuity, if employer denies

Action plan on gratuity

What is bonus?

When company becomes applicable for bonus?

Eligibility of bonus

Denial of bonus to employees

When to pay bonus?

Bonus percentage

Bonus Calculation

Action plan on bonus

What is payroll processing?

How to process payroll?

Summary of Payroll Processing

Designing of Cost to Company (CTC)

What is net salary?

How to calculate net salary?

Salary File

Full and Final Settlement

F & F Calculation

Leave Travel Allowances

Action plan on payroll

What is Income tax?

Taxable salary component

What is House rent allowances?

HRA Calculation

What are income tax slabs?

Income tax slabs for different categories

Exemptions under Income Tax

Procedure of proof submission

Action plan on income tax

Learn each and every steps of payroll processing software

Forms under various acts and common reports under MIS

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