HR Kit For Everyone

Contents of HR Generalist Course- Online HR Manager

1. Pre recruitment activities

2. Manpower Requisition Form

3. CTC calculator

4. Organization Chart

5. How to prepare Job description?

1. X Ray Methods for sourcing candidates

2. How to extract resumes through google using X Ray operators

3. How to source candidates using social media

4. Free Tools to source employee's from social media

5. Recruitment Tracker/Analysis

6. Cost Per Hiring Calculation

7. Candidate Tracking Sheet

8. How to conduct interview?

9. Pre interview Process

10. Post interview process

11. HR Dashboard

12. How to select candidate?

13. Pre selection process

14. Post selection process

15. What is job portal?

16. How to use Job portal?

1. Various format of verification

2. Checklist for Verification

3. Verification process

4. Verification timeline

1. Purpose of induction

2. Process of induction

3. Steps of Joining process

4. Offer and Appointment letter

What is performance management system?

Purpose of implementing PMS

Advantages of implementing PMS

Employee's Self Evaluation

Balance Scorecard

Performance Management Process

Performance Management Failure

Goal Framing

PMS Review

Performance Improvement Plan

Various HR Policies (100+)

Various Job Description (100+)

Various HR Letters (100+)

Procedure of exit

Full and Final Settlement

Forms and formats of exit formailites

Get to know how the job portal and payroll software works

COVID 19 documents are included.

Cost Per Hiring

Reveune Per Employee

Overtime Ratio

Absentiseem Rate

Job Satisfication Rate

Job Execution Ratio

Profit Per Employee

Training & Development Ratio

Employee Performance Ratio

>Offer Acceptance Ratio

Attrition Ratio

Job Filing Ratio

Retantion Ratio

Employee Turnover Ratio

Job Filing RatioStar Performance Ratio

200+ different forms under various act


100 +

HR letters

100 +

Job Descriptions

15 +

HR Video’s

100 +

HR Policies


Latest Policies

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Increase business revenue


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